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As surfers, our search for the perfect wave leads us to incredibly beautiful and fragile places. The ASP Dream Tour showcases every surfers’ aspirational journey to the world’s most inspiring proving grounds. Those who embrace surfing’s adventure, freedom, action, and aesthetic care deeply about these places and the people who live there. There is a growing expectation for the surf industry to reflect these values.

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    Whether you’re tuning in to the ASP webcast, or taking an epic surf trip, you can support nonprofit organizations in surf communities around the globe through your donation to SurfCredits!

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    SurfCredits works with top retailers like Volcom, Vans, Spy, and Oakley to provide donors with awesome discounts on surf gear and freebies in exchange for supporting global surf communities!

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    In addition to getting you discounts on the surf gear you need, we also enter you in a digital raffle for an epic surf trip to one of our destinations with every SurfCredit donation you make!

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